Anderson Cooper Overcome With Emotion After Coronavirus Patient's Sweet Message

CNN’s Anderson Cooper was overcome with emotion on Friday following the broadcast of a profile of a health care worker from Miami who has been hospitalized since March after contracting the coronavirus.

Toward the end of the segment about EEG technician Rosa Felipe’s months-long battle against COVID-19 — during which she has been separated from her two sons — Felipe wished Cooper and his 4-month-old son Wyatt well.

“Could you please congratulate Anderson Cooper on his baby?” Felipe, 41, who has diabetes and asthma and, because of the effects of the coronavirus, faces the possible amputation of her hands, asked CNN correspondent Randi Kaye.

“I certainly will,” Kaye responded. “These are the things you think about when you’re laying in the hospital bed?”

“Yeah. I’m happy that he has a baby, and that he’s so cute,” replied Rosa.

The well-wishes were too much for Cooper. After the segment ended and the broadcast cut back to the studio, he welled up, removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

“So sweet, right?” Kaye asked.

“I mean, wow, what she has been through,” Cooper replied.

“Yeah, and what she’s still going through, Anderson, and yet, that was the only time in our whole interview that she smiled was talking about you and Wyatt,” Kaye said, adding, “When we started talking about you, that’s when she’s really lit up. I think she’s clung to that as this bright spot in all of this.”

Check out the video here:

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